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A man and woman standing outside a house, a woman holding a clipboard, symbolizing Estate Planning. - Gomez Law PLLC.Why Everyone Needs (And Deserves) An Estate Planning Lawyer’s Services

In movies, dramatic will readings and probate disputes are the domain of wealth inheritors and extravagant estates. But in reality, these families can weather such conflicts, and costs. For the more modest Minnesotan, and their family, flat fees and prolonged probate procedures and conflicts represent a much higher real cost, and a much more pronounced loss.

But perhaps even more importantly, the very idea that estate planning exists only to handle assets and wealth after death is also misleading. It is yet another fiction of the media.

The truth is that everyone deserves estate planning; it is a question of dignity, fairness, and the smooth functioning of our laws and society. This is why estate planning lawyer Kathleen Gomez created her Otsego law firm with the purpose of making estate planning straightforward, accessible, and available to all in Minnesota, especially in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area.

General Information

Kathleen Gomez: A Compassionate And Affordable Estate Planning Attorney

Kathleen Gomez knows what it is like to hesitate to get legal advice and assistance, she saw it for years as a police officer, and such situations were a constant source of heartbreak, and injustice. While she wanted to come to the needs of families in every domain of law, she ended up focusing on estate planning, as well as family law.

Of all the legal fields, estate planning, in particular, gave her the most direct ability to improve the lives of families. Proper estate planning not only restores your agency and control over your own future, but it also allows you to plan and carry out an intentional legacy to care for your family as well.

With Kathleen’s help, you will be able to set up the required will and/or trust to care for your loved ones after you pass. In addition, she will help you make sure you have prepared all the necessary healthcare and incapacitation documents.

What Should A Minnesota Estate Plan Include?

At its heart, every estate plan needs a will, and possibly a trust. These are the guiding documents that determine how your belongings, wealth and assets are divided up and distributed when you go.

On the simple end of the spectrum, a basic will may suffice for those with uncomplicated assets and straightforward plans for them. On the other hand, trusts can allow a nearly infinite amount of detail and customization to your bequeathments by letting you hand your assets over, not to anyone, but to a separate legal entity with its own instruction for their use and eventual distribution.

In addition to that basic central need, you deserve an estate plan that also takes care of everything else, from healthcare documents that tell doctors what to do if you are incapacitated to provisions for your minor children’s care. Each one solves a problem by planning ahead for unpleasant but important possibilities and answering them before they occur in a way that provides clarity, guidance, and dignity to your future.

Do I Really Need A Lawyer For Preparing Estate Planning Documents?

In the digital age, it can be tempting to save costs by taking your estate planning needs online rather than to a law firm near you. While these services can seem convenient, they are not without risk. Many will even warn you of this in the fine print you click “read and agreed to” without really reading.

If your will is deemed invalid because it was not properly prepared according to Minnesota laws and standards, it could end up being thrown out. Conflict can emerge whenever details are unclear, improperly handled, or not personalized to your situation and needs. Such conflicts can end up costing you, your estate, and even your family, far more than the money you save cutting corners by working online.

Before putting your future, and your family’s future, in the hands of an unreliable online tool or service, look for an experienced estate planning attorney near you. If you are anywhere near Otsego or Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota, that might just be Kathleen Gomez.

Begin Planning Your Estate By Contacting A Local Attorney

No one should end up deciding your fate or your family’s future besides you. Yet, if you do not take the time to work with an attorney while you still can, that is exactly what might end up happening. Trying to save time or money by waiting or doing everything on your own may very well end up costing you or your loved ones more of both.

Instead, you should contact our Otsego, Minnesota, office by calling (763) 284-5552 or scheduling an online consultation. Here, estate planning lawyer Kathleen Gomez will provide effective and efficient estate planning adapted to your situation and, more importantly, your financial situation.

Because we believe that everyone deserves the dignity and security of an estate plan.

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