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A life-altering event can bring about a whirlwind of emotions. When you and your family are going through legal family issues, it can be a stressful, overwhelming, and challenging time. It may feel as though you do not have a secure foothold or sense of direction. Whether you are going through a divorce, facing a child custody battle, disputing over the division of property, or any other type of family matter, it is vitally important to seek a compassionate and understanding family law attorney in Minnesota for guidance and support, such as Attorney Kathleen Gomez. At Gomez Law, PLLC, you will find an attorney who not only protects her clients’ rights but who also focuses on her clients’ legal needs within family law while keeping their best interest in mind.

Family law is a complex area in the legal sector. When families and children are involved, we know that it is crucial to protect the wellbeing and safety of those involved. We understand that divorce and family legal matters can be complicated and confusing. However, we will guide you through your specific circumstances from beginning to end. With the right help from a knowledgeable Minnesota family law attorney, the process does not have to be arduous. We will work together to seamlessly guide your case through the process as peacefully and efficiently as possible.

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