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Substance abuse issues, addiction, and abuse are very high-risk behaviors that can result in serious injuries and death. Unfortunately, the death of the partner who is engaging in these behaviors is not outside the realm of possibility, and as such, I would recommend that anyone who finds themselves in a volatile situation makes sure to care for their children in the best way possible.

It would be a good idea for a mother to talk to someone like an advisor, therapist, social worker, or clergy member who can give advice on how to talk to the children about the life choices that are being made by the other parent. Children not only learn from the behaviors of their parents, but sometimes idealize their parents, especially at certain ages. This makes having a conversation about some of the things they may have observed even more important.

In addition, addiction and abuse can result in generational problems, and addiction and mental illness can be genetic. It is important for the mother to pay attention to her children and remember that they are at risk for going through some of the same things that their other parent is going through. The mother should tell her children that although she loves their father, she does not approve of his lifestyle, and does not want them to follow in his footsteps. If a mother notices that her children are starting to go down a similar path, it is important to steer them back in whatever way is appropriate.

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By virtue of my background in law enforcement, I’ve seen and dealt with a lot, which means nothing is going to shock me. That’s important for my clients to understand, because it can be difficult to share the details of trauma, especially if there is concern that the other person would be equally traumatized by hearing about it. I am capable of helping people through these difficult times, and the last thing they need to do is worry about protecting me or sparing certain details. My clients can always be open and honest with me; I want them to trust me, because I understand that trust is incredibly important. If a client feels that I can’t provide a supportive environment within which they can be entirely honest, then it will be important for them to work with an attorney whom they do trust. Trust is essential between an attorney and client.

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