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When talking with women who are in an abusive or problematic marriage and are considering divorce, the most important question is this: are you safe? If the answer is “No,” then we can access resources that are available throughout the state of Minnesota to ensure their safety. In addition to other options, restraining orders can be used to help remove an abusive spouse from the home. Ultimately, the route taken to ensure the client’s safety will depend on the details of their specific situation.

Rather than pull from a list of the same questions for every client, which can seem impersonal, I have a conversation with my clients. I recognize that every situation is unique, and I want to build trust with my clients, which means treating people as people. I’m not above my clients; I’m there to support and advocate for them within the legal world.

How Can A Person Prepare For Filing For Divorce In Minnesota?

It is important for a person to have a plan prior to filing for divorce, which means thoroughly considering what they want and how to go about getting it. This is something that I help my clients visualize, and it certainly involves a lot more than just filling out and submitting some documents to the court.

While a person shouldn’t have to compromise on everything they want, they do need to pick their battles and keep the endgame in mind. For example, if a client wants sole custody, spousal maintenance, and child support, they have to be prepared for the potential of not getting all of it, some of those remedies require meeting or overcoming a very high legal standard. However, they should keep their main goals in mind and consider what they really want their life to look like in the aftermath of the divorce. This is the magic wand question for clients: if you could wave a magic wand and solve all of your problems, what would that look like? Once I know the answer to this question, I can begin figuring out how to get there.

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